The Honeymoon

Words can hardly describe our feelings about the wedding and the honeymoon was just as good.  We had THE BEST TIME and made memories that will last us forever.  We even found a place we want to return to on our anniversary.  It was magical to say the least.

Day One:

Montage time, it’s like 3 am or something, we drop off our wedding license, go to What-a-burger for breakfast, head to Love Field to catch a Virgin America flight to LAX, our good friend Alex, unbeknownst to us is on the same flight and we had just seen her at the wedding the night before. We see her at the gate, hello, and then it’s off to Los Angeles.  After we get there we secure shuttle, get a car and head to her home where she graciously buys us lunch and hosts us at her house for a bit and then head to the Queen Mary where we are staying.


Day 2:

Surprise! Breakfast brought by room service for two.  It’s amazing, we’re in love, but there’s no time for tomfoolery as we have whales to see and memories to make.  We head to Balboa Peninsula for a whale seeing adventure.  No whales but dolphins galore and the sea.  It’s electric, the ocean, the air, we fall in love and are euphoric with the day.  Balboa is amazing, it’s our first beach together, our first boat ride, so many firsts, and they all feel so right.  We cap the night off with dinner hosted by very dear friends and spend a wonderful evening with them, there were even fireworks!



Day 3:

We explore the ship and then go back to Sunnydale High, visiting there and Buffy’s house, we putter around the LA area and relax.  Avoiding the touristy spots we have a great dinner with an old friend from high school and her husband.  They made us an amazing meal and it was a wonderful day.


Day 4:

We explore Long Beach, we’re still so in love and in love with this place.  We feel at home, we return to Balboa and vow to return in the years to come.  We go to the canals in Venice for some Nightmare on Elm Street location visits, we also visit Nancy’s house.  I make my pilgrimage to the Halliwell Manor and we end the night with good food and good friends.


Day 5:

Our last day, it feels like we have been here a month.  We have our last meal on board before we explore parts of the ship we hadn’t as of yet.  We poke and prod, we explore and discover, we try to stay as long as we can, but have a plane to catch.  We leave the ship in time for one last adventure in LA, and good lord, it’s Mama’s house.  We head to LAX and wait on departure but not before shooting the Hollywood sign VERY far in the distance.  We take off, there’s smoke in the cabin, or so they say, so 30 minutes out we head back to LAX.  Emergency Landing, stranded for hours we make some fun, new acquaintances and get food and drink bought for us to congratulate our recent marriage.  Many hours later we get a flight home.  Tired, elated, sad and grateful, we arrive home, missing the land we came from and so excited for the future.



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